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Our tree nursery specializes in mandarin orange citrus trees for the Sierra foothills. We graft or “bud” citrus varieties onto a trifoliate orange rootstock or hybrids of it. The trifoliate is the only deciduous citrus tree in the world. Because it goes dormant in the winter, any citrus grafted to this variety of rootstock also becomes more cold tolerant. The trifoliate also has the added benefit of making the fruit of the grafted tree more flavorful.

The mandarin orange is quickly becoming the most popular citrus. We grow three high quality varieties; China S-9 Satsuma, owari Satsuma, and Tango clemintine. All three are seedless, flavorful, peel easily, and segment easily. The China S-9 Satsuma ripens at the end of October through mid December. The owari Satsuma ripens mid November through the end of December. The Tango clementine ripens at the end of January through February.

We will also custom grow other varieties of citrus to meet your needs.